4 Things to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

There are big kitchen renovations and there are small kitchen renovations. Most fall somewhere in between.

A big kitchen renovation might include things like knocking down walls, raising ceilings, or building entirely new rooms. Small kitchen renovations might constitute a new coat of paint or swapping out an appliance or two.

If you are considering a kitchen renovation but aren’t sure whether you want to go big, go small, or go somewhere in between, here are four important factors to consider.


One of the two most common and most dramatic changes you can make to your kitchen is to upgrade your countertops. Moving up to a granite or marble countertop adds instant elegance as well as improved functionality. It’s one of the most popular ways to invest in both your kitchen and your homes’ value.


The other big change many homeowners make is to replace their existing cabinets with attractive, new cabinets. Much of the time, the biggest frustration homeowners have with their kitchen is that their cabinets and drawers are old, worn, and dysfunctional — not to mention ugly,

New cabinets let you add luxury and beauty while also letting you actually enjoy using your kitchen.


A new refrigerator, range, built-in oven, microwave, and other appliances can add value to your kitchen while improving how functional it is. Getting new appliances is often the last step of just about any kitchen renovation.


New lighting is often the most ignored but vitally important part of your kitchen renovation. If you change everything else but still have the same old lighting, you may not be able to enjoy your kitchen renovation because you won’t be able to see it fully.

Adding improved lighting fixtures or a new skylight or windows to improve natural light flow will open up your kitchen and let you fully enjoy your investment.


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