Being Your Own General Contractor Rarely Works Out

When a lot of homeowners plan a major home upgrade such as a kitchen renovation, a bathroom rebuild, or even an entirely new home addition, they often make the mistake of acting as their own general contractor. This rarely works out well.

For one thing, unless you have experience with construction or working with tradesmen, you can quickly put yourself in the position of being the newcomer in an industry that rewards experience. In other words, you could be a sitting duck for every shortcut, racket, or scam that veteran construction tradesmen want to put over on you.

For another, any project will run smoother, cheaper, and more efficiently when it is supervised by somebody who has done it many times before.

General Contractor Duties

A general contractor essentially takes the vision of the client and transforms it into reality. While you may have a lot of ideas about how you want your new kitchen or bathroom to look, it takes an experienced hand to actually build that dream out of wood, marble, and steel.

Homeowners who think they can save a few bucks by acting as their own general contractor are usually quickly disabused of this notion once the project begins and the complications pile up. Projects can take a lot longer and cost a lot more than they need to when they are overseen by amateurs.

Mr. Kitchen to the Rescue

One of the most common calls we get come from homeowners who have started supervising a project only to be overwhelmed by its scope and complexity.

Rather than starting off on the wrong foot, make Mr. Kitchen your first call before you even begin. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable general contractors can guide your home upgrade so that it goes smoothly, efficiently, and at minimal cost and disruption.


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