Celebrate Your New Kitchen with an Unveiling

New KitchenKitchen renovations are disruptive and time-consuming. Depending on the extent of the work you are having done, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to transform your tired, outdated kitchen into the modern, luxurious one of your dreams.

So at the end of all that work, why not celebrate the results with an unveiling celebration? Your family, friends, and neighbors will love it and you will get to show off your new kitchen to the world!

Ready, Set … Kitchen!

While it may be impossible to keep your new kitchen secret from family members who live in your home, you can easily build suspense and excitement for your neighbors and extended family. All you need to do is cordon off your new kitchen with a curtain, room divider, or even some sheeting.

Invite your guests over for the unveiling, put on some mood music, have a few drinks and appetizers ready to go.

When it’s finally time, turn on the video camera on your smartphone and point it at your guests. Then you can begin the countdown: Five, four, three, two … one! Pull back the curtain and bask in the amazement that appears on the faces of your loved ones as they admire the results of all of the hard work that went into your new kitchen.

Party Time

It’s important to celebrate life’s special moments. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays, and other milestones. Your investing time and money into a new kitchen qualifies as a big moment for your household and it deserves to be celebrated.

The best times in life occur when you share happy times with the people you love. When you invite people to share in your excitement and wonder over your new kitchen, it brings people together to create happy memories that can last a lifetime.


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