Choose New Appliances Before Designing New Kitchen

New KitchenOne of the first things we tell new clients is to pick out things like new refrigerators, microwaves, ranges, dishwashers, and other appliances first, even before mapping out what they want their newly renovated kitchen to look like.

The reason is that there have been a lot of innovations in kitchen appliances in recent years. But one of the biggest trends has been “bigness” itself. Modern stoves, refrigerators, and other appliances are a lot bigger than they used to be. So if you design your kitchen before picking ou the pieces that go into it, you likely will have a big problem later.

‘It Doesn’t Fit!’

We can’t tell you how many times a homeowner has had a refrigerator or oven delivered only to discover that it’s too big for the space. This leads to the frustrating (and expensive) option of having to rework that space or having to return the appliance and pick out a smaller one.

Once in place, cabinets and countertops can’t easily be reconfigured. So it’s a good idea to know the exact specifications of your new appliances before the first nail is hammered into the first board.

Lots of Options

Your new appliances will be a big attraction in your new kitchen — especially if you pick new, state-of-the-art models with all the bells and whistles, like WiFi, built-in screens, oversized doors, and automatic ice makers.

Essentially, a good plan is to pick out what you want and then design your new kitchen around them rather than waiting too late and finding out they don’t fit. Returning appliances is a hassle and you don’t want the disappointment of not having the exact models and features you want in your new kitchen.

At Mr. Kitchen, we can upgrade your kitchen space any way you want. But you probably want us to do it only once, not twice when you find out your new appliances don’t fit.


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