Does Your Kitchen Need All Those Walls? Maybe Not

Your KitchenWalk into your kitchen. Look around. What do you see? Walls, probably.

Does your kitchen really need to have all those walls? What if you could remove one or more of those walls? Imagine how much more open your kitchen would look. Maybe you could make the kitchen and dining area one big room. Or what if you knocked down only part of a wall and made a pass-through window, a breakfast nook, or a peninsula?

With Mr. Kitchen, if you can imagine it, we can usually do it. You are only limited by how big you can dream.

No Unnecessary Walls

Older older homes, kitchens tend to be smaller. That’s because in houses back then, kitchens typically were used for cooking only, not for dining. But today, homeowners prefer to eat and even entertain in their kitchens. Whereas in the past kitchens were purely functional, today they are often the focal point of the entire home.

So knocking down walls in older kitchens makes sense. Most walls can be removed without much problem. And even if the wall you want to take down is a load-bearing wall (meaning it is holding up the ceiling), there are always workarounds that let you get the openness you want in your kitchen.

Mr. Kitchen

Think of how much bigger, brighter, and more inviting your kitchen could be with fewer walls and more space. At Mr. Kitchen, we have been helping homeowners think big — literally — for more than a decade.

Older homes are more functional and more valuable when they are updated. And the best place to start is often the kitchen.

If you have an old, outdated kitchen that is too small, we can help. Call Mr. Kitchen today and let’s start dreaming about how to create the kitchen of your dreams.


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