Double Down on Home Improvements

We’re not going to lie: A kitchen renovation, adding a home addition, or any other type of major upgrade to your house is going to be disruptive to your everyday life. The work will be noisy, prolonged, and inconvenient. Parts of your house will probably be off-limits, at least for a short period of time.

In the end, the results will be worth it. But you can minimize the disruption to your family’s normal routine by scheduling multiple projects simultaneously.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

For example, if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen and also upgrading your bathroom, it probably will be cheaper and less disruptive if you did them both at the same time.

A lot of homes built in the last 30 years often have bathrooms and kitchens sharing a common wall. Or the two rooms are at least located very close to each other. This is done for economic reasons: Installing sewer lines and water lines can be costly. So when the two rooms are next to or close to each other, they can share some of this plumbing and consequently save money on construction costs.

Getting a Two-Fer

That’s why kitchen renovations and bathroom upgrades often go hand-in-hand. Doing both rooms at the same time rather than separately won’t just save time and inconvenience to your family, but also could reduce costs significantly.

Look, nobody likes tradesmen and construction workers wandering around inside their house — especially when they are trying to live their normally with their family. Doubling down on renovation work by doing two projects at once minimizes the disruption to your everyday lives while saving money and speeding up construction time.

So when you are planning your next major home improvement project, think bigger. Consider doing multiple projects at once so you can get more for your money.


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