Doubling Down on Your Kitchen Renovations

If you are considering renovating your kitchen, consider this: Doing your bathroom at the same time can cut your inconvenience in half while saving you money on things like labor, supplies, and licensing costs.

Here’s why: When you hire a contractor to redo your kitchen, there are going to be at least several days if not a couple of weeks in which your home will be a construction zone. That means workmen tramping through your house, dust floating through the air, and piles of debris in your home and on your driveway.

Now let’s say you decide a few months later to redo your bathroom. Well, then the whole process starts over again.

Get a Two-Fer

But if you do your kitchen renovation and bathroom rehab at the same time, there is only one construction project, not two. And depending on the size and complexity of the two projects, both may be able to be completed in roughly the same time as one.

Plus, if the kitchen and bathroom share a wall, there could be additional cost savings in plumbing replacement and repairs. Rather than building two entirely new pipe systems, you may be able to get away with just one at half the cost.

Other Savings

Before any contractor starts a new project, they need to get licensing and approval from the municipality in which the structure resides. This costs money. But if you do your kitchen and bathroom at the same time, your contractor may be able to get approval for just one building permit, rather than two.

And during any construction project, the contractor is going to get as many supplies — such as lumber, piping, nails, etc. — as they need to get the job done. There may even be a little extra built into the cost of the project just in case. But when two projects are done at the same time, this expense is minimized.


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