A lot of homeowners want to completely replace their kitchens. But for one reason or another, they aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a full overhaul.

Perhaps it’s because of the cost. Replacing everything in your kitchen from top to bottom can be a big expense. And if it’s not in your budget, you may not be able to do it all right away.

Another reason many homeowners resist doing a full kitchen renovation is the inconvenience. Kitchen renovations aren’t instantaneous. They take time. How long yours will take depends on the extent of the work. But the typical complete kitchen overhaul can take anywhere from a week to a month. That’s a long time to go without access to your kitchen!

All or Nothing Approach

When it comes to kitchen renovations, there are two schools of thought. The first is the all or nothing approach.

Homeowners who subscribe to this approach tend to think of kitchen renovations like removing a BandAid. It’s best to just get it over with as soon as possible. Investing in a complete kitchen overhaul can be costly, but it often more than adds the investment amount in home value.

And the sooner you start your kitchen renovation, the sooner you can enjoy using your new kitchen.

One Step at a Time Approach

The second way to approach a kitchen renovation is to do it a little at a time. If your budget doesn’t have room for a complete overhaul maybe you can break it into more affordable steps. For example, this year perhaps you replace the appliances. Then next year you can replace the floors and walls. And the following year you can get new windows and lighting.

The downside, of course, is that it takes much longer to get your new kitchen. But the benefit is it doesn’t put as big a dent in your wallet.

Whether you take the all-in approach or the piecemeal approach, you can get the kitchen renovation you want from Mr. Kitchen, one of the area’s leading providers of kitchen upgrades.