How Long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take?

One of the unfortunate consequences of a kitchen renovation is that it tends to be disruptive in your everyday life. Depending on what you replace and/or improve, you probably aren’t going to be able to use your kitchen during the length of the actual renovation itself — at least not in the same way that you normally do.

So how long will your kitchen renovation require you to eat take-out, reschedule or postpone family meals together, and avoid walking through the construction zone? It depends on a number of different factors.

Kitchen Use

Unlike bathroom rehabs, kitchen renovations can take a big toll on your family life. Homes that have more than one bathroom can simply shift all of their use to the one that isn’t being rehabbed. But most homes don’t have more than one kitchen.

The length of time it takes to rehab your kitchen will depend on 1.) Its size, 2.) What you are having done to it, and 3.) The schedule of the contractor performing the work.

Unlike outdoor construction, kitchen rehabs generally aren’t affected by bad weather. In fact, if it’s raining outside you are actually more likely to see your contractor and construction crew because they won’t be able to do any outdoor work on that day.

Size and Scope

The size and scope of the renovation project also will affect the timetable. Jobs in which floors, windows, and ceilings are being ripped out and replace likely will take a lot longer than jobs in which just new cabinets or countertops are being i9nstalled.

Rest assured, however, that Mr. Kitchen will make every effort to keep the construction time of your kitchen renovation to a minimum. We understand how inconvenient it can be to not have a kitchen and to have a construction zone inside your home. So we work hard to work fast.


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