Minimizing Disruption during Kitchen Renovations

Disruption during Kitchen RenovationsOne of the most frequent questions Mr. Kitchen gets from homeowners is, “How long will my kitchen renovation take?” It’s a good question and certainly relevant because during demolition and construction, your kitchen will mostly be out of service.

Unfortunately, there’s no one answer. It all depends on the complexity and size of your project. Obviously, the bigger and more complex it is, the longer it’s going to take. But don’t worry: The results will be worth it!

‘Define Complexity!’

So the complexity of the project refers to the number of elements it contains. For example, there are relatively simple renovations which may include things like replacing cabinets and countertops, painting, new lighting fixtures, and perhaps some new appliances. A renovation of this type could take as little as a few days to a week.

More complex projects might include knocking down walls, replacing electrical or plumbing, cutting a new skylight, or even adding an entire addition to your home. Something like this could take a few weeks to a month.

Minimizing Disruption

Regardless of the complexity of your kitchen upgrade, at Mr. Kitchen, our goal is always to minimize disruption to you and your family while maximizing the benefits of your new kitchen. Rest assured that we work as quickly as possible, focus only on one project at a time, and won’t abandon work on your kitchen to go do something else — which is something many of our competitors won’t promise.

We also have recommendations for living without a kitchen for a week or two, such as using a garage refrigerator or putting a microwave in the laundry room, or letting a different family member choose where to order out from each night.

How long will it take to get your new kitchen? There’s no one answer. But one thing we can promise is that it will be as fast a possible.


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