‘How Long Will My Kitchen Renovation Take?’

Kitchen Renovation TakeOnce homeowners decide to upgrade their kitchen, the first question they usually have is how long it will take.

When your kitchen is being renovated, it pretty much will be out of service. That means you likely won’t be able to use it to cook, dine, or even access snacks. So asking how long your renovation will take is justifiably important because of the inconvenience.

Depends on the Job

There is no single answer to this question, however, because every kitchen renovation is different. Those that aren’t as involved may take only a few days or a week. Total overhauls down to the bare studs may take a week or longer.

Then you have to consider external factors not within the contractor’s direct control, such as delivery dates for new appliances or the availability of plumbers or electricians. The best response we can give is that Mr. Kitchen will do everything we can to minimize the downtime and maximize the speed of your kitchen upgrade.

Sympathetic Contractor

At Mr. Kitchen, we understand better than most people the inconvenience caused by not having access to your kitchen. After all, we renovate kitchens all day, every day. But we also understand how to ensure your kitchen downtime is reduced to the absolute minimum. Unlike a lot of other contractors, we focus on only one job at a time so that you don’t have to worry about your construction crew not showing up or getting called away on another job, leaving your kitchen in mid-renovation for days or even weeks.

We also are highly experienced at coordinating the schedules of other tradesmen, delivery people, inspectors, and others to make sure your kitchen isn’t out of service a minute longer than it needs to be.

The benefit of hiring an experienced kitchen renovation contractor like Mr. Kitchen is that we make sure you get your new kitchen as quickly as possible.


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