The COVID-19 crisis has affected everybody. Most people are staying home for at least the next couple of weeks to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

More people in a confined space means a bigger mess. Yet keeping people safe depends on following the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control for reducing the risk of spreading the virus. Here’s what you can do in your own home for the next couple of weeks.

Sanitizing Surfaces

Cleaning kitchen countertops and other surfaces will help kill germs and reduce the risk to you and your family. Storebought sanitizers such as Clorox wipes are both convenient and effective. But because most people are staying home the demand for these products is sky-high. As a result, many stores are running out and customers looking to stock up are instead finding empty shelves.

Fortunately, you can make your own sanitizing solution with common items you probably already have at home. Bleach is one of the most effective anti-bacterial available. Simply combine 2 Tablespoons of bleach per 1 quart of water. This will give you a highly effective sanitizing and disinfecting solution that will kill germs on contact.

Wipe surfaces like countertops, tables, and small appliances with a solution dipped in this solution then allow to air dry.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

The other primary recommendation is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Use ordinary soap and water but make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Wash both the front and back of your hands as well as the areas between your fingers and underneath your fingernails. The temperature of the water isn’t as important as the length of time you spend washing your hands.

Keeping away from other people is also mandatory during this crisis period. Stay at home as much as possible. If you must go out in public, use social distancing techniques such as staying at least six feet away from other people at all times. Stay home if you are sick.

Remember, the COVID-19 crisis is temporary. It will pass in time. In the meantime, stay strong, stay vigilant, and most importantly stay safe.