Identify and Eliminate ‘Clutter Magnets’

'Clutter Magnets'There are certain places in every home that just seem to accumulate clutter naturally. These “clutter magnets” can include places like kitchen counters,  tables near entry doors, and bedroom dressers.

No matter how frequently you tidy these spaces up, they always seem to gather more junk in a relatively short period of time. Left unattended, it doesn’t take long until they are overflowing with the junk of life. To keep your home looking its best, it’s often worthwhile to identify and eliminate clutter magnets permanently.

Search and Destroy

Finding the clutter magnets in your house isn’t difficult. Just walk around and look at surfaces that contain stuff like junk mail, excessive trinkets and knickknacks, and other unnecessary items. All it takes is a few minutes of looking and you likely will be able to find at least two or three of these places within your home.

The next step is getting rid of these clutter magnets. Simply clearing them off usually won’t do the trick because they will just attract more stuff in just a couple of days in most cases. The real solution is to move them permanently out of the way.

For example, if there is an end table or buffet near your door where you habitually throw stuff out of habit, move it to another place in that room — or into another room altogether. Even something as simple as moving a piece of furniture to a new space is often enough to break the habits that can result in collected clutter.

Neat and Tidy

Clean, tidy homes without clutter are more inviting and comfortable. Your family will appreciate the reduction in clutter. You may even find your life more manageable because you aren’t subconsciously having to deal with all that junk in the margins.

Identify and eliminate clutter magnets and you can often make life better for you and your family


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