Include the Old with the New

Old with the NewOftentimes when doing kitchen renovations, homeowners discover that there are parts of their old kitchen that are worth saving. Especially if it’s an older home, there may be some features that are of high quality, valuable antiques, or simply a reminder of earlier times your family enjoyed together.

During demolition, therefore, it’s often helpful to rescue certain elements — a lighting fixture, built-in cabinets, or other notable features — and incorporate them into the new design. That way you can bridge the old with the new by celebrating the past as part of the future.

Rescue Me

While planning your new kitchen, take a close look at your existing one. You don’t have to completely replace everything. What elements are worth keeping? Is there anything that inspires strong memories of earlier family togetherness? Is there anything that is particularly old or beautiful that you want to keep?

Sometimes, homeowners plan their new design around something that is already part of their kitchen, like a handsome marble countertop or a decorative lighting fixture. Even if you don’t want to keep parts of your old kitchen, maybe they can be repurposed or transformed into something new. Not only can it make your kitchen more of a reflection of your family’s collective personality, but it may also reduce costs.

Mr. Kitchen

Once you demolish your old kitchen in preparation for your kitchen upgrade, it’s too late to save any of the things you throw away. Before you do something that can’t be undone, look closely at your current kitchen and see if there is anything you want to include in the new design.

At Mr. Kitchen, we can help you build the kitchen of your dreams. But we also can help you make your new kitchen better by including some elements that bring back memories.


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