It May Look Messy Now But Just Wait …

It May Look Messy Now But Just Wait ...By their very nature, kitchen renovation projects are messy. There’s a lot going on, usually starting with demolition down to the bare studs.

But in just a matter of a few short days or weeks, everything eventually comes together. And while we strive to minimize the amount of mess that is created — and make certain that none of the dirt and debris makes its way out of the construction zone and into the rest of your home — we are certain that once we are finished with the project you will see that it was all worth it.

Kitchen Door

Generally, most kitchens have their own door leading outside. This is ideal because it provides our construction crew with an ingress into your kitchen and an exit through which they can take all the trash, dust, and debris.

The rest of the work zone usually is cordoned off with plastic sheeting to prevent the mess from spreading to other areas of your home. The idea is to keep the construction area — and all the dirt and mess that goes with it — contained to your kitchen.

During the project, we ask that you not come into your kitchen. For one thing, it won’t be operational because the gas and electricity will not be hooked up for all or part of the project. But it’s also potentially dangerous, with exposed boards, electrical fixtures, and pipes.

The Final Reveal

At the end of your kitchen renovation project, the plastic will be taken down, the area will be cleaned thoroughly, and we will unveil your new kitchen. It’s the most exciting part of any kitchen upgrade because the homeowner is always thrilled with the way their new kitchen looks.

It’s one thing to describe your new kitchen or imagine how it will look with its new cabinets, floors, fixtures, appliances, and all the rest. But it’s something entirely different when you actually get to see the real final product.


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