Kitchen Floors Often Overlooked

Kitchen FloorsDuring any kitchen renovation, there are “sexy” features. These include cabinets, new appliances, and even new features like pass-through windows or removed walls. Flooring is often low on the priority list for most homeowners.

Yet flooring is one of the most important parts of any kitchen design. So leaving it as an afterthought is often a mistake.

Flooring Benefits

Some homeowners will actually leave the existing flooring in place while replacing everything else in their kitchen. This is usually a mistake. Flooring wears out just like everything else. So if you don’t replace it during your kitchen renovation, it will wear faster, fail quicker, and stick out like a sore thumb when you do your new kitchen unveiling.

New flooring allows homeowners to add color, texture, and utility to their new kitchen. There are a lot of new flooring material options to choose from today so if you haven’t been to the tile showroom or flooring department of your local home improvement store lately, be ready to be surprised and delighted.

Choose New Flooring

Some designers recommend that you choose your new flooring first, rather than last, when planning your kitchen redesign. Building from the ground up — literally — lets you see your new kitchen from a whole new perspective. Choose flooring that will add drama, excitement, and interest to your new kitchen and can set the tone for all your other decisions.

Regardless of which type of flooring you choose, it’s important to replace your flooring when renovating your kitchen. Ignoring the flooring will only drag down the rest of the project.

Mr. Kitchen has a lot of helpful advice and recommendations when it comes to new flooring for your new kitchen. Call today and let’s talk about flooring and everything else related to your new and exciting kitchen renovation project.


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