Let There Be (More) Light!

Let There Be (More) Light!One of the elements of a kitchen renovation project that is most often overlooked is lighting. Many homeowners simply assume that their bigger kitchen can be illuminated with the same light sources as their old one.

Generally, the bigger the space, the more light it requires. So when you blow out a wall, add a pass-through window, or do anything else to increase the square footage of your kitchen space, you are going to need to add more light — either natural or artificial.

Available Lighting

In kitchen spaces, natural light is always preferable to electrical. So adding bigger windows, a skylight, or other natural light sources can brighten your kitchen while making it more cheerful and more organic.

But you also may need to up your game in electrical lighting for a bigger kitchen space, not only to accommodate cloudy days and the evening when there is no sun, but also to illuminate new spaces such as under counters or above ranges or cooking islands.

New kitchens require new thinking when it comes to lighting. A professional kitchen designer often will recommend replacing lighting fixtures as well as adding more natural light when planning your new space. But if you are doing your kitchen renovation on your own, keep in mind that probably are going to have to add more light.

Mr. Kitchen

Whatever lighting options you choose, Mr. Kitchen can help coordinate the installation of your new fixtures, bigger windows, or even wall removal as part of your kitchen renovation. We work with experienced electricians and other craftsmen who guarantee your new space will be brighter, livelier, and more inviting.

So when you are planning your kitchen renovation project, don’t forget to include new and improved lighting. Adding it later can be expensiv and disruptive. Like anything else, it’s better to plan ahead.


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