One Bathroom Homes Offer Unique Challenges

Bathroom HomesWhat do you do when you are updating the only bathroom in a one-bedroom home? You need to get creative!

When the only bathroom in a house is taken out of service for renovation, it can cause big problems in that family’s everyday life. Namely, there’s no bathroom! That means no place to shower, get ready to start the day or take care of personal business.

Fortunately, Mr. Kitchen has the solution. We have renovated plenty of bathrooms in single-bathroom homes. So we know exactly what to do.

Proper Timing

The trick is to keep the essentials available to the family for as long as possible. The second trick is to minimize downtime by committing total resources to the project until it is completed. That way, there is minimal downtime and inconvenience.

Some parts of the bathroom are no big deal. You can brush your teeth and do your hair in the kitchen in a “worst case scenario” situation. But you can’t shower there or, obviously, use the toilet.

So while we are renovating your bathroom, we strive to keep the shower available for as long as possible, even if you have to make your way through a construction zone to use it. And we make every effort to never take your toilet out of service because that’s an everyday essential.

Mr. Kitchen

If necessary, you can always use the shower at the gym or at a relative’s home during the renovation of your only bathroom. But at Mr. Kitchen, we try and make sure the most important elements of your bathroom are always available to you throughout your bathroom update.

After renovating many bathrooms in one-bath homes, we can assure you that it’s possible. All it takes is a little patience, some pre-planning, and focused attention on the project to minimize disruption to your family’s routines.


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