One Job Often Leads to Another

One Job

When most people get their kitchen renovated, the first thing they notice is how fresh and exciting it looks. But the second thing they often notice is that their new kitchen makes the rest of their home look old and outdated in comparison.

Invariably, the minute one project is completed, homeowners start thinking about the next one — whether it’s a bathroom upgrade, repainting adjoining rooms, or even a whole new addition.

It’s only natural to want to improve your family’s living space. But once you start, it’s sometimes hard to stop.

‘What’s Next?’

A spanking new kitchen is something to treasure. But it often sits in stark contrast to the rest of your home — especially adjacent areas like dining rooms or living spaces that have been subject to days or weeks of dust and debris. At the very least, you probably are going to want to have these rooms repainted once your new kitchen is finished.

But don’t be surprised if you start noticing that other spaces in your home could also use an upgrade. This is especially true for bathrooms because kitchens and bathrooms are the two rooms we use just about every day. Once you start getting used to your new kitchen, it’s a good bet you are going to want to upgrade your bathroom, too.

Mr. Kitchen

While our name may be “Mr. Kitchen”, we spend just as much time renovating bathrooms as we do kitchens. In fact, many homeowners will do both at the same time, especially if they share a common wall. Once you open that wall to upgrade the plumbing and electrical for one, you may as well do both. It’s both time- and cost-efficient.

It’s a good idea to anticipate other improvements you will want to make once your kitchen renovation is completed. You may be able to save time and money and minimize disruption simply by doing them both at the same time.


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