Painting Usually Comes Last … And Here’s Why

PaintingIn any kitchen renovation, the is a definite sequence of many smaller jobs that make up the whole. And the last thing on the list is usually painting.

Why? For a number of important reasons. First, painting needs to take place in an environment that is free of dust and debris. And until the very end of the renovation project, this is pretty much the permanent condition of the kitchen. If you paint before the project is nearly finished, you probably are just going to have to give it another coat later.

Double Work

Paint also covers up all the little marks, dings, and scratches that can occur on wall and ceiling surfaces during construction. So if you wait until the very end of the project to paint, you are more likely to cover all of these imperfections rather than just some of them.

Another reason is that painting is usually one of the easiest and quickest of all jobs during a kitchen renovation project. That’s because in kitchens there typically isn’t that much area to paint, other than the ceiling.

Kitchen walls are often covered with cabinets, backsplashes, appliances, and other things. So the areas that need to be painted at the end often aren’t as large as they would be in, say, a living room or bathroom.

Color Me Glad

Because painting is usually the last step in the long kitchen renovation process, picking the paint color is often the last decision homeowners have to make. In fact, a final decision can often be put off until the very last day or two of the project.

When your kitchen is finally painted, it usually means your kitchen upgrade project has reached its conclusion. You and your family can then enjoy the benefits of your exciting new freshly painted kitchen for years to come.


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