Pets and Home Renovations

Pets and HomeWhen you replace your kitchen, bathroom, or any other type of major home upgrade, it’s bound to be disruptive. There will be loud noises, strangers walking in and out of your home, and a lot of changes to the standard household routines.

In other words, for pets like dogs and cats, it can be an actual nightmare. Domestic animals like normalcy. What they hate is anything that takes them out of their normal routine. And your kitchen or bathroom renovation will definitely put them on edge. And if they get too upset, they may try to hide outside the home or even run away altogether.

For pet owners, it’s often a good idea to make arrangements ahead of time so that your pet doesn’t get too freaked out by your household construction project.

Plan for Your Pet

If possible, it might be a good idea to board your pet during construction. If you have a family member, a neighbor, or a friend who would be willing to care for your pet for a week or longer, now might be the time to ask. Taking the animal out of an agitative situation and putting them somewhere calm and quiet is often best, even if it’s not their normal home.

Some vets also offer pet boarding. Or there may be a pet daycare center in your area where you can send your pet during the daytime hours. Anything you can do to remove the animal from the disruption, noise, and craziness of the renovation area will only benefit your family pet.

Consult Your Vet

Before construction begins, you may want to tell your vet what’s going on and ask for suggestions. Your vet may recommend sedatives or other treatments that could calm your dog or cat so that they aren’t too disturbed by the renovation project going on in your — and their — home.


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