Protecting Your Kitchen Against Coronavirus

The kitchen is the heart of the home. That means it’s where most of your family meets, shares meals, and congregates together every day.

Protecting your home from coronavirus is important for your family’s health. Even if you are sheltering in place, the virus can still get into your home through other people, packages and food being brought into the house, and other weak points.

So keeping your home — and especially your kitchen — safe from the germs that cause COVID-19 is critical to your family’s health. Here are some steps you can take to ensure your family’s safety.

Stay Home Whenever Possible

Think of it this way: The virus is out in the world. But until it reaches inside your house, you are safe. So the key is to stay home as much as possible until the crisis lessens or goes away entirely.

Many people are either sheltering in place or working from home. Most in-school classes have been suspended indefinitely for students. So that means your family can stay safe by spending most of the time indoors or at least on your property.

Follow your local guidelines regarding hosting gatherings in your home. It may be a good idea to reschedule parties and other social events until it’s safer.

If you do have to leave the house, wear a mask whenever possible. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer along and use it whenever you have to touch things like doors, surfaces, or products in stores. Take care not to touch your face or hair with your hands even when wearing a mask. Follow social distancing protocols like staying at least six feet away from other people whenever possible.

Sanitize Your Kitchen

Protect your kitchen by sanitizing the items you bring into it from the outside. For example, you can wash produce or even boxed or canned groceries with a solution made from antibacterial dish soap and water. To be extra safe, you can also put about a capful of bleach per gallon of dishwater.

The same solution can be put into a spray bottle then used to spray sanitize surfaces like countertops, cabinet handles, refrigerator doors, and tabletops.

Keeping your family safe in the kitchen is important. These steps can help keep your family healthy and secure.


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