Signs You Need a Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms take a beating more than any other room in your home. It’s the one room that just about every member of your family uses at least once daily.

It’s also the one room where there is a lot of water. And while water is essential for cleaning and drinking, it’s also the biggest cause of rust, rot, and erosion. That’s why most bathrooms are “sealed” with tile walls and floors, seams filled with caulk and grout, and solid, leak-proof fixtures like sinks, toilets, and tubs.

Still, water always finds a way to damage and wear down your bathroom. Long before it goes out of style, your bathroom most likely will need to be replaced because of water damage.

Signs of Age

The most common signs that your bathroom is worn down by water is stains and/or gaps in caulk. These are the weakest points in your bathroom so they also are the most prone to water — especially when they are continually exposed by sprays, splashes, or direct streams of water.

Other signs of bathroom wear are pooling water on floors, vanities, tub bottoms, and other areas. Like anywhere else, flooring in bathrooms can become worn down by use, especially if there are multiple using the bathroom multiple times per day.

Water always finds its own level. So spilled water that escapes from sinks, tubs, or showers will naturally find its way to any wear patterns or depressions.


The usable life of most bathrooms can be 10 to 15 years. After that, you usually will start to notice breakdowns and other problems.

Bathroom fixtures don’t last forever. And when one thing breaks, it always seems like everything else follows suit. Call it planned obsolescence, call it karma, or call it anything else you want, a broken light, a leaky sink, a clogged toilet all at the same time are a surefire sign it’s time to renovate your bathroom.

When you are ready to renovate, we are ready to help. Despite our name, Mr. Kitchen specializes in bathroom renovations as well.


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