Tables and Chairs

Tables and ChairsOne of the most overlooked elements of a kitchen renovation is the kitchen table and chairs. Questions homeowners need to ask themselves include do you plan on keeping the dining set you had before your kitchen was redone, do you plan on buying a new set, or do you have other plans such as built-in eating areas?

With all the other excitement surrounding a kitchen renovation — new cabinets, new appliances, upgraded flooring and wall treatments, etc. — the humble and simple table and chairs often are an afterthought. But they become important once you are ready to use your new kitchen for the first time. So they are worth considering.


Many homeowners today opt for built-ins as part of their kitchen renovation. These include things like breakfast bars, pass-through windows with a counter and stools, or a breakfast nook. The benefit of a built-in is that it frees up more kitchen space for things like cooking and food prep.

Tables and chairs are either eliminated altogether or moved to another area such as a dining room. This makes room for new elements like a center island, expanded counter space, or simply more floor space to move around.

Old or New Set

Another option is keeping the idea of a kitchen table and chairs but replacing your old set with something new. This gives you the benefit of having a new kitchen with brand-new everything, rather than moving your old, worn table and chairs into your new kitchen and bringing down the vibe.

Getting a new dining set lets you adapt the size to your new kitchen. For example, you may buy a smaller set that takes up more room, giving you more kitchen space for cooking or entertaining. Or you may buy a bigger set to accommodate a growing family.


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