The Five Elements of a Successful Kitchen Renovation

Take a look at your kitchen? Do you love what you see? For most homeowners whose kitchen hasn’t been updated in a decade or longer, the answer usually is “No!”.

Living with a kitchen you don’t love can be exhausting — especially if the most important elements of your kitchen are worn, dated, broken, or just plain ugly. Yet transforming the five most important parts can give you a whole new attitude toward your kitchen and your home.


Countertops take the most abuse in any kitchen. It’s where you dice, slice, chop, and even place hot pans and pots. It’s also the part of many kitchens owners dislike the most.

Replacing your tired out countertop with a new one made of granite, marble, or other attractive yet functional material can make your kitchen come to life.


When it comes to actual motion, cabinets take the lion’s share of use in the kitchen. Hardware like knobs, handles, and hinges wear out the most quickly. But doors and panels are also subject to dents, stains, and other wear.

New cabinets make any old kitchen look brand new.


Appliances like refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and even microwaves are something most homeowners use every day. So when they become old, worn, or even dysfunctional it can cause frustration and unhappiness.

New appliances are part of most kitchen renovations. They not only make a kitchen look fresh, but also function better.


Lighting fixtures are usually the one element of the kitchen that most homeowners overlook. Ironically, inefficient or outdated lighting fixtures can make your kitchen dark, dank, and depressing.

Newer, brighter lights let you show off all the other elements of your new kitchen renovation.


New floors are literally at the bottom of any successful kitchen renovation. Replacing your worn, outdated flooring with sturdy new flooring made of contemporary materials can add the crowning touch to your new kitchen.


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