The Sequence of Steps for Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen RenovationsEvery kitchen renovation project is unique. But most follow the same five familiar steps.

Step 1 – Consultation and Design

Once you decide to upgrade your kitchen, the first and arguably most important step is figuring out what you want to replace it with. This is often the longest step because picking out things like cabinet material, color schemes, and new appliances can take weeks or even months, depending on how decisive you are.

Our team of experienced kitchen designers can help you make the best choices, recommending styles and offering options to streamline the process.

Step 2- Demolition

Before we can build your new kitchen, we have to rip out your old one … usually right down to the studs. Demolition usually takes less time than people think. Often it can be finished in a single day or two.

We like to think of demolition as creating a new canvas upon which we can paint our next masterpiece: Your newly renovated kitchen.

Step 3 — Installation

Building your new kitchen is composed of a series of smaller steps, including things like hanging your new cabinets, replacing or upgrading your wiring, installing new plumbing fixtures, and setting up the new floor. The sequence of these tasks will differ from job to job and depend on external factors like delivery schedules, availability of contractors, and more.

Step 4 — Unveiling

The last step is our favorite: Unveiling the new kitchen to the homeowner. While oftentimes residents can see the construction as it is going on, there is something special about keeping the final result a secret until the moment it’s time to pull back the curtain and show you your new kitchen.

Our goal is for you to respond with smiles, laughter, and even maybe a few joyful tears. At Mr. Kitchen, we love what we do and we enjoy sharing our passion for upgraded kitchens, bathrooms, and other projects with our clients.


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