Think Creatively When Planning Your New Kitchen

Planning Your New KitchenWhen planning your new kitchen renovation, you aren’t limited by the current dimensions, size, or shape of your current kitchen. At Mr. Kitchen, we encourage you to think outside the box – literally!

In many older homes, especially those built before 1970, kitchens were built in a square or rectangular shape, usually to accommodate an adjoining dining room. Today, most people don’t use or need formal dining rooms. So this outdated style of home design is no longer relevant. You are free to remove walls, expand space, add islands, build new windows or doors, or do anything you want. It’s your kitchen!

Unleash Your Imagination

Before even driving in the first nail, we encourage our clients to come up with the wildest ideas possible in designing their new kitchen. While not all of them may be practical, you may be surprised by how creative you can be when thinking about your kitchen in a whole new light.

The best place to start is to think about what you want from your kitchen space. Is it somewhere to cook? Should you include an eating area? Do you want it to be bigger? Brighter? More storage space? All of the above?

Mr. Kitchen

The next step is taking a look at the physical space. Our team of expert kitchen renovators can inspect your current kitchen to learn which walls are load-bearing and which can be removed, where the electrical and plumbing lines run, and other relevant information.

Then we can collaborate with you to design a new kitchen that brings your ideas to life. You will love the newly renovated kitchen that you helped design.

When you decide to upgrade your kitchen, you aren’t limited by squares, boxes, rectangles, or anything else. Think creatively and you will be surprised by what you can come up with.


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