Top to Bottom Kitchen Renovations

Top to Bottom Kitchen RenovationsWhen it comes to planning for your kitchen renovation, don’t make the mistake too many homeowners do by focusing on just one or two main elements.  Priorities like new countertops of appliances often distract people from thinking globally about their new kitchen.

Professional kitchen designers don’t focus horizontally when planning a new kitchen. They look in all directions, left, right, up, and down. You should do the same because this allows you to make global changes to your kitchen while maximizing your renovation budget.

Top to Bottom Renovation

The things you can see directly in front of you naturally take priority because they are in your line of sight. So countertops, sinks, cabinets, and appliances typically get the most attention from homeowners planning an upgrade for the first time.

But the design elements above and below you are just as important to optimizing your kitchen. Upgrading overhead lighting, replacing flooring, and even moving entryways or tearing down entire walls to open up new space and bring in more light can add new life to your kitchen space while offering dramatic, spectacular changes to the most important room in your home.

A good exercise that kitchen designers use when considering a kitchen renovation is to start from an upper corner of your kitchen — it doesn’t really matter which one — and work your way down and around the entire room, covering every square inch, while thinking about what you can do to upgrade and improve efficiency, design, and style of the space.

A Whole New World

Most homeowners aren’t going to renovate their kitchen more than once during the time they live in their homes. So you may as well go big.

Taking a global approach to kitchen renovation allows you to make improvements to everything in the space, not just the line of sight items, so you can experience big luxury, major improvements, and maximum luxury and efficiency in your new kitchen space.


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