TV in the Kitchen? Why Not!

TV in the KitchenFamily dining habits have changed a lot in just the past few years — and not necessarily in a good way. Most families today are lucky if they can all sit down together and enjoy a distraction-free meal once per week, let alone every night. What’s more likely is meals being eaten separately or together but the kids looking at their smartphones.

Thanks to the technology boom, faster streaming, and the wealth of online content, most people spend many if not all of their meals in front of a screen. From smartphones to tablets to wall-sized HD television sets, meals are now spent watching as much as eating.

This isn’t a trend that is likely to be reversed anytime soon. So if you can’t change it, why not lean into it with bigger and better screens so you can enjoy your meals even more?

TVs in the Kitchen

As one of South Florida’s most popular kitchen contractors, here at Mr. Kitchen, we have seen a trend toward bigger and better televisions and other screens being installed in or near the kitchen and dining rooms of Florida families.

The thinking is this: If your kids are going to be looking at streaming media while they eat anyway, the whole family may as well enjoy the same content at the same time during meals.

Mr. Kitchen

Family habits have changed in recent years. Blame it on COVID, shorter attention spans, or the seemingly endless content on TikTok and Instagram, for whatever reason people are watching more and interacting less. But if you add screens to your kitchen and dining areas as part of a kitchen renovation project, at least you can spend more family time interacting while you are enjoying a meal.

And who knows? Maybe every once in a while you can shut them off and actually talk about your day for a change?


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