Upgrade Your Electrical During Kitchen Renovation

Upgrade If your home was built more than 10 years ago, it probably doesn’t have enough outlets in the kitchen. That’s because older homes were designed to accommodate so many labor-saving electrical devices that today’s home cooks take for granted.

So if you are planning a kitchen renovation, it’s the perfect opportunity to add new electrical outlets, lighting, and other fixtures to expand your kitchen’s capacity for the next decade and beyond. At Mr. Kitchen, we can add as many new electrical fixtures as your kitchen needs — and build additional capacity for expansion.

New Kitchen, New Electrical

Putting in new electrical fixtures during a kitchen renovation is recommended because that’s probably the only time you are going to get unrestricted access to the conduits, boxes, and wiring. During a typical kitchen renovation, the drywall is removed and the space is demolished down to its bare studs. This exposes all of the electrical features, making it easy to add new ones and upgrade existing ones.

If you were to add electrical capacity in your kitchen at any other time than during a renovation, it likely would require tearing out walls or portions of walls to add the new conduit, junction boxes, and switches. But during a kitchen rehab, it’s already exposed so it’s the right time to do it.

Mr. Kitchen

At Mr. Kitchen, our experienced, knowledgeable kitchen renovation professionals have the know-how, the tools, and the ideas to make your kitchen bigger, better, and more functional — including where to put new electrical.

If you are constantly searching for where to plug in an electrical appliance in your kitchen or are using extension cords, power strips, and other devices to expand the capacity you currently have, it’s probably time to consider adding new outlets and other electrical fixtures to bring your kitchen up to date.


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