Upgrade Your Lighting During Your Renovation

Lighting During Your RenovationToo many homeowners make lighting their lowest priority during a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Often, they just go out and buy just any fixture at the end of the project because they’ve replaced everything else and they may as well replace the overhead light or ceiling fan, too.

But lighting shouldn’t be the last thing you think of when replacing a room in your home. It needs to be the first thing because everything else depends on the lighting.

Lighting Matters

The most elaborate kitchen or bathroom renovation in the world isn’t going to look very good if you can’t physically see it. Kitchens and bathrooms need to be bright, warm spaces. So upgrading the lighting is an essential first step to getting the most out or your renovation investment.

And we’re not just talking about lighting fixtures, under-counter lighting, recessed lighting, cans, and other types of artificial lighting. As part of your planning, you also should consider ways to maximize the natural light that flows into your kitchen or bathroom, two of the most important rooms in your home.

Bigger windows, skylights, removal of trees, or other obstacles that can block natural light from entering your kitchen all should be part of your considerations. If your rooms have eastern or western exposures — which most kitchens today have — there’s an opportunity to make the most of the morning or afternoon sun to naturally illuminate your home with warm, glowing light.

Mr. Kitchen

At Mr. Kitchen, we spend a lot of time thinking about light and the way it reaches into your home. So we often have a lot of ideas and suggestions for maximizing the natural and artificial light you use to illuminate your kitchen, bathroom, or other renovated room.

Let’s talk about light and how we can use it to make your new renovation look bigger, brighter, and better.


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