We Do More than Just Kitchen Renovations!

The name of our business, Mr. Kitchen, can sometimes be a little confusing to our customers. While we are experienced at rebuilding, rehabbing, and renovating kitchens in houses, condos, and even commercial businesses, our skills extend to other rooms as well.

We also excel at renovating and rehabbing bathrooms, basements, and even patios and pool decks. But the name “Mr. Kitchen-Bathroom-Basement-Patio-and-Pool-Decks” would have been even more confusing!

Kitchen Focused 

We chose Mr. Kitchen as our business name because that tends to be the type of residential project that homeowners choose most. Because the kitchen is often the busiest room of any home, it’s also the one that tends to wear out the fastest.

Things like cabinets, appliances, countertops, and even floors, doors, and windows tend to take a lot more abuse in kitchens than they would in any other room in your home. And because it’s the room that your family sees the most in the daylight, there’s a higher sensitivity to its look and feel. Most people can tell when their kitchen is outdated before they notice it in other rooms of their home.

Talent and Experience

At Mr. Kitchen, we can help build the kitchen of your dreams. But we aren’t limited to just kitchens. Our master builders also can help you transform your bathroom, dayroom, office, or any other area of your home into something that will thrill and delight you.

Thanks to the vast experience of our builders, we can give you the updated kitchen, bathroom, or other room you want quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you and your family. And thanks to our talents and skills, we are adept at translating your ideas into reality you can enjoy for years to come.

So while we may be known as Mr. Kitchen, we do a lot more than that. We like to think we bring dreams to life!


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