What Can You Do with Your Bathroom?

Your BathroomWhen it comes to renovating kitchens, most homeowners have plenty of ideas. But bathroom renovations often can be more challenging to the imagination.

That’s because bathrooms typically are smaller, have fewer “working parts”, and don’t play a central role in your family’s everyday life the way kitchens do. But renovating your bathroom offers just as many rewards — both practical and financial — as kitchen upgrades.

So what can you do with your bathroom?

Make It Bigger

You may think you are stuck with the current footprint of your bathroom but there are often opportunities to expand it — either outward with an addition or within the existing walls of your home.

Building a small addition to your home to accommodate a slightly larger bathroom creates a lot of new design opportunities while often being significantly cheaper than a full-blown addition to your house. Another option is to blow out an interior wall or take over an adjoining closet to make your bathroom bigger without expanding the overall square footage of your home.

Make It Brighter

One of the most dramatic — and cost-effective — ways to improve your bathroom is to simply make it brighter. Replace small, glass block windows with larger ones that let more light in. Or add a skylight. Or simply replace existing lighting fixtures with bigger, brighter ones.

All three options will make your bathroom brighter, look bigger, and be a more inviting place to get ready in the morning.

Make It Better

Finally, consider replacing existing fixtures like tubs, sinks, and medicine cabinets and closets with newer, more modern versions. This instantly upgrades your bathroom without requiring a huge cost investment.

While new and improved kitchens are easy to imagine, better bathrooms take a little more thought. But the effort is worth it both in your everyday enjoyment of your home and the increase in its potential resale value.


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