What’s in a Name? Not That Much!

What's in a NameSome of our clients at Mr. Kitchen get confused by our name. That’s because we do a lot more than just build new kitchens.

We also do bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, rec rooms, offices, and just about any other room in your house that you can think of. The problem is that when we launched our home contracting business more than 15 years ago, all of that wouldn’t fit on a business card! So we settled on Mr. Kitchen.

Family-Owned and Operated

Since we first started upgrading homes, we’ve seen a lot of changes in home design and fashion trends. People today prefer big, open spaces with lots of natural light for their bathrooms and kitchens. And they prefer muted or neutral tones with big windows for their living spaces like family rooms and living rooms, not to mention huge flat-screen TVs.

Home offices no longer need computer desks or modular work areas because most people today work on portable laptops or even their phones. They do pay more attention to their backgrounds, however, as video meetings and working from home have become more common.

Mr. Kitchen

In kitchens, some appliances have gotten a lot bigger (refrigerators and stoves) while others have gotten a lot smaller (dishwashers and microwaves).

Natural light is still important to cooks, but separations between the food prep area and the dining areas have come down to create more big, open kitchens.

Today’s bathrooms tend to include shower rooms or shower spaces with multiple heads at different angles. Toilets and sinks haven’t changed much unless you include automatic flushers, heated seats, and temperature-calibrated faucets.

Homes still serve the same purpose as they did 15 years ago. They just look a little different, feature more conveniences, and are more efficient and family-friendly than they used to be. If it’s time to upgrade any room in your home, just give Mr. Kitchen a call. We can’t wait to show you what we can do for your family!


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