What’s New in Refrigerators? A Lot !

What's New in Refrigerators?If it’s been a while since you’ve been shopping for a new refrigerator, boy are you in for a surprise!

Refrigerator technology has skyrocketed. Today’s high-tech fridges feature not only cost-saving efficiency, but also smart connectivity, high-definition screens, and improved interior configurations.

21st Century Refrigerators

Homeowners planning kitchen renovations often replace their existing appliances, including their refrigerators. But a trip to the local major appliance store is often an eye-opening experience thanks to the many improvements that have been added in recent years.

For one thing, refrigerators are bigger than ever. The space you allocate for your new fridge probably needs to have a bigger footprint than the appliance you are replacing. But all that room is put to good use thanks to features like wider door configurations, edge-to-edge shelves, organization drawers, and high-definition touchscreen monitors attached to the front of the doors.

Another cool new upgrade is StayCool, which is included in some new refrigerators. This is a special cooling gel that keeps food frozen for hours even if the power goes out. So you don’t have to worry about hurrying to move ice cream and other perishables if you experience a blackout or lose electricity.

Upgraded Water Dispenser

Water and ice dispensers were once exotic. But today they are a featured component on many new models of refrigerators. But while before they took up a lot of door space, today’s refrigerators have ice and water dispensers that are much more space efficient so you can enjoy enhanced interior storage space.

Other cool new gadgets include adjustable shelves, toughened glass shelves, built-in inverter technology, and temperature control you can manage with your smartphone even if you are hundreds of miles away from your house.

New refrigerators are cool, both literally and figuratively. If you are planning on replacing your appliances as part of your kitchen upgrade, plan on spending more time than you allocated in the refrigerator section.


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