What’s the Best Time for a Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen MakeoverIs one particular season better for a kitchen renovation project than another? For example, should your kitchen remodeling project be scheduled for the fall rather than the spring? Is summer better than winter? Does it depend on where you live?

The answer depends on a number of different factors.

Time and Place

Yes, in geographic areas that experience harsh winters, homeowners may want to wait until the worst of the winter weather is past before starting a home improvement project that requires the door to be open a lot of the time.

Similarly, in South Florida, where the heat of summer can be not just uncomfortable but also dangerous, launching a kitchen makeover in late July is probably not the best idea.

In most other places that don’t experience extreme temperature variations, the weather isn’t much of a factor in determining when to schedule a kitchen renovation project.

Convenience and Situations

More important factors include having your kitchen redone prior to a major event, such as a wedding or anniversary party you are hosting at your home. Or it could be that you are considering putting your house up for sale and want to make updates that will increase its potential resale value.

Another important consideration is convenience. When most homeowners decide that they want to have their kitchen redone, the last thing they want is to wait around for weeks or even months before the project even begins.

But you might want to schedule your project for a time when it will have the least impact on your family’s everyday life. For example, if you have children going off to college, you might want to wait until they are out of the house first so it will be less disruptive.

Whenever you plan your kitchen renovation, Mr. Kitchen will be ready to get to work. Call today to learn more about how we can transform your kitchen from the ordinary to the spectacular.


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