With Kitchens, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

KitchensWhen homeowners come to Mr. Kitchen seeking to redesign their kitchen, one of the most common requests is that we make their kitchen look bigger. The idea of bright, wide spaces appeals to people because they associate it with luxury and extravagance.

While we can make your kitchen look any way you like, we often remind clients that when it comes to kitchens, bigger isn’t always better.

Kitchen Efficiency

Keep in mind that kitchens serve the primary purpose of providing a place to prepare food. So when you blow up a kitchen so that its work areas are more spread out, it’s going to mean more time spent moving from cutting surface to stove to refrigerator to cabinet while cooking.

If you have ever peeked behind the scenes at a fancy restaurant or hotel kitchen, you may have been surprised to see how small they actually are. Commercial kitchens tend to be compact for one simple reason: They can produce more food more quickly when there is the least amount of space to move from one station to another.

Home kitchens designed with efficiency in mind offer the same benefit, especially if you love to cook a lot for your family. While a big, open showcase kitchen will impress visitors, it will come at a cost when you actually are using it.

Expand Seating, Not Work Areas

A better plan is often to expand the areas where you are going to enjoy the food, not where you are going to prepare it. The best kitchen design has efficiency in mind. And the best dining areas offer plenty of room for people to gather, relax, and spend time enjoying both the company and the food

It’s possible to have the best of both worlds with your new kitchen design. You can have an attractive yet efficiency kitchen and expanded dining spaces. Both benefit your family.


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