Go with the Flow …

Go with the FlowWhen thinking about a kitchen redesign, one of the most important considerations is “flow”.

How will your kitchen flow? In other words, what will be the natural, organic patterns that will emerge once your new kitchen is fully operational? Where will people come in? Where will they sit down? When you cook, where will you stand? How will you get the ingredients while you are making food for your family?

These questions are related to the kitchen’s flow and they are really important if you want a well-designed kitchen.

Start from Scratch

At Mr. Kitchen, one of the first things we advise is to forget all about your old kitchen. You probably had no input during the design phase but have had to live with the flow choices somebody else made – many of which were likely bad ones. In fact, inefficiency and poor design is probably one of the reasons you want to replace your current kitchen in the first place.

Another piece of advice is to throw away the rule book. Look, it’s your kitchen. So it should reflect your personality. Design your kitchen however you want. Don’t worry, we can build it to your exact specifications.

Bold Choices

Don’t be afraid to make big, bold choices such as blowing out a wall or adding a pass-through window. Things like moving plumbing and adding more electrical are more elaborate but not impossible.

The most important thing is that you should get the kitchen that you want. You likely are going to have to live with your kitchen and work in it for many years to come. So you may as well love the space that you designed yourself.

At Mr. Kitchen, our goal is to help you achieve your goals. We can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. And then we will bring your vision to life. It’s what we do.


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