How Frequently Should You Renovate Your Kitchen?

There are some things you can do every year — such as buying a new summer wardrobe, putting together a Christmas wish list, or assembling your child’s school supplies before them sending them off for a new year of learning.

Other things typically are done every couple of years. These include things like buying a new car, painting interior rooms in your home, or changing your hairstyle.

But other things usually are done only once or at most twice in your life. These can include things like getting married, getting a master’s degree, or renovating your kitchen.

Frequency of Renovations

You probably don’t want to renovate your kitchen every year … or even every couple of years. Not only would it be prohibitively expensive, but kitchen renovations also tend to be disruptive of your everyday routine.

In the weeks that it takes to renovate your kitchen, the most important room in your home is essentially out of service. That requires you and your family to find a new place to cook, share meals, and spend quality time together. Get ready for a lot of take-out during your kitchen renovation!

Frequent kitchen renovations are also impractical. Kitchen design tends to last a lot longer than popular hairstyles or clothing fashion. So how long should you wait between kitchen renovations?

When to Renovate

If it has been at least 20 years since you last touched the design and decor of your kitchen — or if you have never renovated your kitchen at all — it may be time to think about doing it.

Kitchen renovations can last for decades. But sooner or later any kitchen is going to become outdated, unfashionable, or just plain dysfunctional.

If you hate your current kitchen, don’t just live with it. Do something about it. Call Mr. Kitchen and schedule your free consultation for your new kitchen renovation.


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