Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural LightingIt’s probably not realistic to change where in your house your kitchen is located. But there are things you can do to maximize the amount of natural light that flows into it.

If you live in South Florida and your home has a southern exposure, you probably get all the natural light you want. It may be necessary to restrict the amount of sunlight that flows into your kitchen so that it does bleach out everything over time.

But if your kitchen doesn’t face directly into the sun, the trick is to capture as much natural light as you can so you don’t have to rely as much on artificial light to illuminate the room.

Let There Be Light

More sunlight can be allowed into your kitchen during a renovation project in many ways. You can make windows bigger. Or you can change their location so that they catch more light.

You can add a skylight or extend windows up to the ceiling so they catch more light. You can add sliding glass doors or even entire glass walls in adjacent rooms. There are even tricks you can do with mirrored walls that reflect sunlight into your kitchen.

Mr. Kitchen

Natural light is usually desirable in kitchens because it makes the space brighter, warmer, and with a more natural feel. At Mr. Kitchen, we have plenty of great ideas for making your kitchen bigger, brighter, and more inviting.

Kitchens without natural light need to be illuminated with electric lights, which usually don’t make the room feel that inviting or comfortable. You want your kitchen to be the happiest room in your entire house.

If you are tired of having a dark, dreary, and depressing kitchen, let the sun shine in by letting Mr. Kitchen give you a complete kitchen renovation that includes plenty of bright sunshine.


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